The Assassin’s Letter

Dearest Reader, I want to tell you a little story: With aviators concealing searching sea-blue eyes, brown hair freshly cut to a dirty 30's esque undercut, a well-worn leather jacket unzipped revealing a broken-in, muscular physique, a gold chain adorning my neck; and blood diamonds through my ears. All a disguise. I have no face … Continue reading The Assassin’s Letter

Corvin’s Case

The Obelisk levitated menacingly off a metallic platform, the very embodiment of justice and total authority in the brave new world. I stared at the thing, straight into it's cold, snowy white, unblinking eye; a heady concoction of fear and trepidation swirled relentless in the pit of my stomach. Perspiration pooled on my forehead, moistened … Continue reading Corvin’s Case

Free Style Writing Challenge

The rules of the challenge can be found at this link: So I got my very first "like" today on a previous work of writing I uploaded to Horridian's Feed yesterday. I then decided to check their page out: I found the challenge through a series of loopholes that started with checking out … Continue reading Free Style Writing Challenge